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In most cases there is no charge for a site visit or a plan, although the designer may feel that a nominal charge is necessary, if the site is difficult or the plan will be complex. Any fee will be returned in the form of a credit on the approval of the job.

Yes we do. Certain times of the year we aren’t busy, and we can draw master landscape plans for a fee. The fee is based on the complexity of the job and will be discussed with the designer during an initial site visit. There is no charge for the first consultation.

We have a 120 acre nursery and we grow many of the trees we use. In many cases we will go to specialty nurseries to supply shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers.

Yes, absolutely. We have a great nursery, that we are proud of, and would be glad to have anyone come and pick trees for individual planting or a complete landscape job we are going to do.

The landscape business is primarily controlled by weather conditions. In an ideal world we would work year around, but that’s not possible in Ohio. It’s been our experience that we can start work around the middle of March to mid April, again weather permitting, and we can work until the ground
freezes in December, or the weather becomes unbearable and we can’t do the job well. In the last few years it’s been around or immediately after

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